The Design Process

Whilst there are many powerful computers and software packages that can perform unbelievable tricks and in some cases do the design work for you, there is yet to be a computer or an application that can come up with a creative, original idea. Once you have briefed us on your requirements and we have all the information we need to start your job, our design team will brainstorm ideas before then putting pencil to paper and sketching out thumbnails of possible design solutions.

creative process The Design ProcessThese thumbnails are then discussed within the studio and the best concepts are then developed into finished artwork ready for your first presentation.

What you see once we meet with you to go through the concepts are generally virtually finished artwork. From this point there is usually some to-ing and fro-ing depending on how keen the client is with any of the concepts, before developing your design through to final proofing stage. eC DESIGN is an award winning design studio so you can be sure we will come up with some great ideas for your organisation too.