Sustainability Policy

sustainability Sustainability Policy

eCDESIGN is a supporter of the Carbon Neutral organisation to offset the greenhouse gas emissions generated during our business activites, this helps to fund tree planting projects Australia wide.

We at EC DESIGN, aspire to comply with all environmental legislation and Industry best practice.
We maintain and oversee waste minimalisation and recycling and promote environmentally friendly waste disposal.
We prefer to use suppliers who set high standards for recycling.
We aspire to reduce and monitor energy consumption and water usage where possible.

We will communicate our committment to environmental best practice and our overall environmental performance to to our staff, suppliers and customers.
We will give preference to suppliers who are accreditted green stamp approved wherever possible.

We are committed to industry best practice for the following processes:
- The use of renewable energy -Recycling of all paper waste
- The use of vegetable based inks -Zoneless inking (less water waste)
- 100% digital workflow (less waste) -Use of CTP (no chemical use)
- 100% recycling of printing plates -Digital proofs (no chemical use)
- 100% recycling of digital toner cartridges -Return of wooden pallets (for re-use)
- 100% recycling of all plastics (no landfill) -All packaging in100% recycled material

ECDESIGN is ethically motivated in promoting sound sustainability policies within the company and thus pledging to play a positive role in protecting the environment for future generations.